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Yvette’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy


My name is Yvette, I am a 30 year old first time mum and only use reusable nappies. I have a beautiful 4 and a half month old baby girl ‘Marli’ and a wonderful husband Josh. I had a couple of friends who were using reusable nappies which got me into them and I absolutely love the look of them. Its nice to feel that I am somehow doing my little bit to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill 🙂

First Impressions

On receiving this cute nappy, I was very excited to use it! it looks fab – I love the hedgehog print and it is easy to use. I love the Velcro waist (so does my husband)!

It has a nice amount of elasticity around the legs with an extra piece of material to catch any escaping bodily fluids.

Although I do like the elasticity around the legs, this seems to leave some red marks on the legs after a few hours.

I like how the two inserts clip together with poppers to help stay in place. The shell washed very well and after a handful of washes is as good as new.

I wish I could say the same for the inserts. Unfortunately they have frayed slightly around the edges. This doesn’t affect the use of them at present, but they may wear over time.


The first attempt at using the pop-in, Marli had an explosive nappy within half an hour which leaked up the top. In retrospect, this was due to me not fastening the Velcro tight enough which allowed it to leak. We haven’t had this problem since. The nappy holds a good amount of urine and has lasted overnight without any leaks (Marli doesn’t usually wee a lot overnight). During the day, it starts to feel quite full after around four hours.

Final Impressions

I think this is a very cool looking nappy. They have great patterns and don’t look overly bulky under clothes. The inserts seem quite absorbent but may look tatty overtime. The fit is nice and snug and I don’t think you would experience too many leaks. On a chunky baby, it may cause some rubbing on the legs. Overall I think this nappy is pretty good value for money.

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