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There’s a new Genius in town!

Great ideas are often collaborations from groups of people to advance a field of study. Instead of limiting ourselves to just one genius, we’ve decided to celebrate many great contributors with a new fun print, Play! Play is featured in bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers and accessories.

Swing into Play, our newest Genius Series print! Pops of Pepper and Hummingbird fly through this joyful look at childhood playgrounds. Play celebrates the unique way a community comes together and a special place where children explore their imaginations and develop a lifetime of skills together. Through the years, playgrounds and the science of play has evolved through the input of many physicians, inventors, activists, sociologists, engineers, parents, and of course – children. Their collective genius played a part in the inspiration behind this Genius print. Let’s embrace the fun of childhood together.

Play is limited edition and available while supplies last in bumGenius Freetime, bumGenius Original 5.0, bumGenius Elemental, and Flip Nappy Cover.

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