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Ruth’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy


Hi! My name is Ruth and I am reviewing the use of Close Pop Ins with my 15 month old twins, Evelyn and Harriet.

The only photo I managed to get with both of them in Pop Ins!

I have been using cloth nappies for almost 4 years now (with a brief 6 month gap between our eldest being toilet trained and our twins arriving). My stash isn’t big enough for the twins to be exclusively in cloth, so I use them during the day.

First Impressions

Opening the new pop in was very exciting! The squirrel print is just gorgeous and the inserts are so fluffy. I also really like the PUL outer.

The Pop In fits both twins really well. One of the things I particularly like about it, is how customisable the fit is –at times the twins have been different sizes so being able to quickly adjust the size is really important for me.

Pop Ins are fairly trim and not overly bulky. I did find them a little too chunky while the twins were newborns (as they were quite small) so I didn’t use them until they were about 2-3months old. However, Pop Ins fit my eldest well from about 1 week old.

The fit of the Pop In on my 15 month old – fairly trim and not too bulky. There’s no need to go up a clothes size with the pop ins (a problem I have with some other brands).

The Pop In fits nice and snug around the legs and waist. I love the double gusset on the legs – which helps prevent any leaks out the legs, and the “flappy bit” at the front and back of the nappy are also really good at catching anything so prevents leaks and they’re also handy for tucking the liner into so they stay in place.

The double gusset make the fit nice and snug around the thigh area.



The absorbency of the Pop Ins is very good – I haven’t had a leak yet from them! They also contain poo-plosions very well. Both twins were kind enough to do one for me while in their new squirrel nappy, and it held up very well with no leaks, or dribbles out the side.

There’s no evidence from the outside, of the poo-plosion that was awaiting me on the inside of this nappy!

Although I typically change nappies quite regularly (about 2 hourly) there have been times when one (or both) of the twins have been put down for a nap without being changed, and much to my relief the Pop Ins held up and didn’t leak despite being left on for significantly longer than usual.

I didn’t get a chance to try the Pop In overnight this time, but I have used them in the past with my eldest with a Pop In night booster with great success. The added absorbency from the night booster meant that overnight use was easy and stress free. I only used Pop Ins at night– they were the first night nappy I tried and they worked so well that I didn’t bother trying other brands.

I find the Pop Ins dry very fast – though one of the most absorbent nappies I use, they dry the fastest of my AIO/AI2 nappies. If I get them hung out on the line first thing in the morning they’re generally dry just after midday, in winter; and in summer I hang them out before going to bed at night, and they’re generally dry in the morning.

The Pop In enjoying some sun. On this particular day, it was hung out at about 8am and dry by 1pm.

This means that a number of my Pop Ins get used everyday and despite this they still have held up over time. Here is a picture of one of my original Pop Ins (Pink Owls) compared to my new one (Squirrel). The Pink Owl is almost 4 years old and although it is showing its age, the elastic is still snug, the absorbency is still great and the velcro is still strong and sticks well.

Two Pop Ins – on the left is my new Squirrel nappy, and the right is my almost 4 year old Pink Owl nappy. You can see that the Pink Owl is a little longer – this is due to some relaxing of the elastic, however it still fits well thanks to the double gusset and doesn’t leak.


You can see that the Pink Owl nappy looks older than the Squirrel, which is obviously a newer nappy, however, it still looks pretty good considering how often it is washed.


You can see a little bit of wearing along the gussets of the Pink Owl nappy. This hasn’t affected the integrity of the seams or the elastic itself – its just wearing a little thin.


The inserts are also looking a little worn – but again, it is very minor, and doesn’t affect the integrity of the nappy or the seams etc

Speaking of velcro, my biggest complaint with Pop Ins is that they only come in velcro which I don’t like. I much prefer snaps as they don’t pick up extra fluff, hair and gunk on them – which I find the tabs collect a bit of. I really like the location of the laundry tabs on the side of the nappy (rather than on the middle) as it means I don’t have to worry about getting poo on them – which happens sometimes with laundry tabs when located in the middle of the back.

Fluff etc that has accumulated in the week I have been using my Pop In.

Final Impressions

Over all, I love my Pop Ins. I think they are a great nappy – they fit well, the absorbency is great, they dry fast and they age really well. My only complaint is that they only come with velcro closures (but at least it’s a strong sticking velcro!).

Want to try them for yourself? Get them HERE!

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