Faulty or Damaged Goods

Brave Tiger® takes great satisfaction in supplying quality products. If goods are found to be faulty, as a result of a manufacturing defect, you must contact us within 7 days of delivery.

All products supplied on our website are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty. Manufacturers will attempt to repair a product before offering an exchange or refund. Replacement or repair timeframes are governed by the Manufacturer not Brave Tiger®.

We requires proof of purchase being the invoice emailed to you at time of purchase. Warranty periods are as stated for individual items by the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer’s warranty begins from date of purchase.

Brave Tiger® is your first point of contact, we will then contact the Manufacture on your behalf to discuss how they would like to handle your situation. Manufacturer’s will either request you forward the damaged product via Brave Tiger or directly to them. It is common practice for Manufacturers to want to deal with you directly from this point onwards with a resolution to your concern regarding their product. The shipping cost incurred for the returned product for repair, will be your responsibility.

Products Damaged in Transit

All orders placed on our website are shipped via Australia Post or a Courier, please refer to our Delivery page for more information regarding shipping methods used by Brave Tiger® and Insurance.

Insured Post

If you have received goods that arrive in damaged condition, you must contact us by email within 48 hours of receiving your goods. Brave Tiger® will contact Australia Post immediately as these orders are insured. We ask you not to use any products that are damaged and keep all packaging as an investigation by Australia Post may be required before they issue a refund of the damaged goods. Australia Post should refund you directly but in the event they refund Brave Tiger®, we will replace your damaged goods and if not available, we will offer you a refund or exchange of the product purchase price.

Contact us by email for details.

When returning your faulty goods please include the following information:

Proof of Purchase
Detailed Description of Fault