At Brave Tiger®, we decided that it wasn’t fair to just offer our customers just stocked items only, we wanted to offer much more so we offer you all the products that we can order in from our Suppliers where possible so you could get the full benefit of shopping here at Brave Tiger®.

If you (the customer) are happy to wait a short period, we can generally get in what you want. We have since found that this has been a great success for Brave Tiger® and customers like yourself ask for more products and brands in general and we are happy to accommodate where possible which now has resulted in Brave Tiger® having a large Supplier base.

Why Offer Both Stocked & Ordered On Request Products?

  1. To give our customers everything we can
  2. To obtain ‘fresh’ and recent stock which means when new versions and lines are realised, we’ll get it in quick!
  3. To trial out new product for our store
  4. So we can analyse which products (brands, products, colours, sizes and closures) are doing better than others so we spend less on the ones that are not doing the greatest and more on what you do want!  Once we ascertain a great seller, we buy more stock to have on hand where possible.

As we have limited space available for housing stock on hand, we do not house stock in a storage facility as the cold, heat and/or humidity would only damage or compromise the performance of the goods.  Therefore, we purchase direct from the Supplier where possible as they are equipped with the appropriate facilities to store their products so we can always bring you the best – always. We are currently looking at ways to have more stock on hand.

We know all too well what time restraints, money pressures, and children have on parents so we offer a compassionate, friendly, helpful, and timely service to all our customers.