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Narelle’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy


I’m Narelle, a first time mum living on the Sunshine Coast with my husband and daughter who is 10 months old. My husband does FIFO work and I work from home part time. We’ve been using cloth nappies since our daughter was 2 days old and Close Pop-ins since she was about 6-8 weeks old (they were just too bulky on her as a newborn but looking forward to trying their newborn nappies with our next child). When we were asked to trial the new Close Pop-ins I jumped at the chance.

First Impressions

The Close Pop-in Gen V2 is a fantastic nappy available in fun prints.

Its very trim as a day nappy and fits my daughter well – she is nearly 9kgs and has chunky thighs (should fit most bubs well due to the stretchy tabs).

It is a little bulkier as a night nappy with the booster but still the slimmest night nappy I’ve used.


I love the waterproof shell (not a fan of minkee) and the double gussets – no leaks or poosplosions here (every MCN should have these)!

The velcro is super sticky (my daughter could undo the velcro on a similar alternative on the market a couple of months ago and now they have actually lost their stick completely).

The stretchy tabs are very similar to disposables (would be perfect for daycare/kindy/grandparents etc who aren’t familiar with MCNs) and stick onto tabs for washing day. The tabs tuck away in a special pocket the rest of the time.

I change her nappy approximately every 3 hours and the absorbency is amazing. She wears them for day naps and never had any leaks. We actually use these as our night nappies with the Close Pop-in night booster and its our favourite night nappy as we’ve never had any leaks – thats over 12 hours!

I haven’t tried it at night without the booster. Its great being able to have extra inserts so the shell can be reused if it hasn’t been soiled. They wash really well (no stains) and the inserts dry quickly (quickest of the brands we have).

Final Impressions

They are excellent nappies for both day and night and can see they are going to last through both babies and will still be able to pass them on to family or friends to use so definitely believe they are worth the RRP. I have already recommended Close Pop-ins to friends, some who are making the switch to MCNs and others who are pregnant and looking at using MCNs.

Want to try them for yourself? Get them here!

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