Congratulations on taking the first step to saving yourself money by using Cloth Nappies!

There is no right or wrong when it comes to Cloth Nappies, all will do the job intended. Cloth Nappies are like shoes and clothing, it’s a personal choice.

So make yourself a cuppa, sit down and have some quiet time to read the information on this page explaining the most common questions asked about Cloth Nappies.  If you need any help at any stage, feel free to send us an email. We are here to help. 

How much money will they save me?

Save yourself thousands of dollars as Modern Cloth Nappies are reusable and not disposable.

You generally spend between $3000-$5000 over a 2½yr period PER CHILD using disposable nappies as opposed to $300-$1000 for Modern Cloth Nappies which can be used on more than one child saving you even more!

I’ll put it to you another way – money wise for one One Size Modern Cloth Nappy valued at say $36.00, that one Nappy would last you the entire 2.5 year period and longer for additional children and only 1-2 weeks with disposables.

What is a Modern Cloth Nappy?

Simply put, it is exactly as a disposable only you don’t throw it out! They are contoured to fit your baby snug, it’s natural and luxurious on their bottoms. They come in various forms and sizes. One Size Nappies (OSFM) will take your baby from the early days (about 3.5kg) through to potty training.

All-In-Ones have a booster (absorbency pad) attached to the outer waterproof cover (see below for further detail on types). They can come in a huge variety of colours and designs and have either snaps or Aplix (Velcro) closures to make changing as easy as you want it to be.

How do I use a Modern Cloth Nappy ?

It is as easy as 1 2 3!

  1. Put under your bubs bottom as you would a disposable.
  2. Fasten up the tabs.
  3. Ensure all the fabric is tucked into the nappy and the nappy sits nicely into the leg creases.

There are plenty of cloth nappy creams available; however, if you need to use a zinc based cream such as Sudocream ensure you always use with a nappy liner so the zinc doesn’t stick to the nappy and clog it up.

What is the difference between Aplix and Snaps?

The difference is very easy to explain.

•  Aplix or Hook & Loop – Is a nappy with a Velcro closure like a disposable.
•  Snaps – Is a nappy that has a snap closure, plastic press studs that snap together.

What is an All-In-One Nappy?

An All-In-One Modern Cloth Nappy is a contoured nappy that has the waterproof cover and booster sewn inside. It goes on and basically fits the same way as a disposable so it’s as easy as. They don’t require a cover. Closures: Snap or Velcro.

What is an All-In-Two Nappy?

An All-In-Two Modern Cloth Nappy basically comes with a waterproof cover (or outer shell) and comes with a removable insert. When your baby soils the insert, you just change it over with another and use the same cover provided that isn’t soiled as well. You can also use boosters or a folded terry flat.

What is a One Size Nappy?

A One Size Modern Cloth Nappy is a nappy that can take your baby from birth to potty training. Sized to take your baby from generally 3.5-17kg – yes, the one nappy! They come in a range of colours, styles (Velcro or Snaps) and patterns. Versatility at its best.

What is a Pocket Nappy?

A Pocket Modern Cloth Nappy has a waterproof shell (or outer layer) and has a pocket to add your booster – whichever type you may choose.These are made with a Microsuede or Microfibre lining which helps wicks away wetness so your baby stays dryer. They are quick drying and don’t require a cover. Closures: Snap or Velcro.

What is a Fitted or Flat Nappy?

A fitted nappy is a cloth nappy that is entirely made of absorbent material very similar to a disposable nappy in shape. A flat nappy is square and is folded and secured with a nappy fastener.

As fitted and flat nappies are made from all absorbent material they require a cover to stop any leak through – this makes changing easy as you can possibly reuse the same PUL cover (with a simple wipe down if needed), just change over the fitted nappy or have a few covers on hand that can be rotated around as well. Covers can be used multiple times before being washed. All you need to do is put on the fitted nappy and cover with the cover! Fitted nappies can tend to be slower dryers than other nappies.

Bamboo or Microfibre?

This is entirely up to you. They both have a great absorbency level but Bamboo does take a little longer to dry. When you purchase a nappy that has a booster that is made of both Microfibre Terry/Fleece and Bamboo, you will find that that Microfibre/fleece will not shrink or change shape but the Bamboo does.

What is a Flushable Liner and How or When do I use it?

A Flushable Liner is a nappy liner that sits on top of your nappy, liner, booster or pre-fold nappy. You open your nappy up and just lay it down then your baby sits on top of that. It holds the solids while letting through the moisture. It is biodegradable which means it can be flushed down most toilets (older toilets and septics may not be suitable). You just pick it up once soiled and pop it in the toilet and…..flush.

How many nappies do I need?

This guide is based on you washing every 2nd day. The longer you go between washes, the more you will need:

  • Newborn to 4 months – 24 – 30 nappies
  • Infant (4 to 10 months) – 18 – 24 nappies
  • Toddler (10 months to potty training) – 16 – 24 nappies
What size do I buy?

All the items shown have the weight ranges to make deciding easier. Most of the cloth nappies are One-Size Cloth Nappies to take the guess work out of things. Still confused? Send us an Email.

What do I do once I purchase them?

Before using your new Modern Cloth Nappy, you must wash the nappy and any boosters. If your nappy contains cotton, hemp or bamboo it will take several washes for the fabric to reach maximum absorbency. 

How often do I change a Modern Cloth Nappy?

It’s important to change nappies regularly as wees and poos can cause sore skin and lead to nappy rash. For wees, change nappies every 1-2 hours and the moment you smell a poo..

What do I do when I’m away from home?

We recommend that you purchase wet bags to store all your soiled nappies in until you get home. The wet bags are waterproof and can also be washed in the washing machine.

General Washing Instructions

Brave Tiger supports and recommends the Australian Nappy Association’s simple washing instructions as displayed below.