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Flame’s Review of the Bubblebubs Hard Candies AI2 Bamboo Nappy


Im Flame, a third time Mummy to our nearly 6mo & 8.2kg son, Mercer. He is our only bub currently in nappies, however I have used cloth on all three of my boys. Our eldest son is now 6yo & our son in the middle is 4.5yo.

Me and Mercer
Big brothers – Kees 6yo & Pierce 4.5yo

It wasn’t the environmental or money saving that swayed me (although they are awesome benefits), I actually tried reusable cloth nappies as a ‘last resort’ due to skin sensitivities & eczema. They all would rash up terribly with disposables and cloth cleared their skin up as soon as I made the switch. We use cloth 90% of the time with Mercer currently. During the day we use cloth and are currently in the process of switching to cloth at night. We only have a few night nappies so depending on drying time & how many left in our stash we’ll use the occasional disposable, just not for prolonged periods.


First Impressions

I’d actually tried the Minky Bubblebubs Candies on my older boys, so it was great to be able to compare their new PUL range on Mercer. The quality is great, I’ve washed this nappy about 10-12 times and there are no signs of wear or staining at all on both the shell or the trifold. I love that the PUL fabric doesn’t show signs of wear/matting as easily as the minky fabric and the extra bit of trimness the Hard Candies offer, again due to the fabric being smooth and not fluffy.

Good fit under a onesie.

They fit under his winter onesies perfectly without being bulky & didn’t stop him from having tummy time or rolling over comfortably – a definite bonus!

Doesn’t stop him rolling or enjoying tummy time!

I find the elastics in Bubblebubs nappies help ensure a great fit, they’re soft and stretchy while still being snug & offering ultimate containment. The fact that this style has tummy elastic and is side snapping (enabling you to adjust the waist and thighs independently) helped give me a great fit every time and the elastics sat flush with bubs skin, not allowing any chance for leaks.

Perfect fit around tummy!

This particular nappy did leave red indentations from the elastic on bub, but I ran my finger under the legs/waist once fastened and it wasn’t too tight. I think its just because Mercer is super soft & squishy, so nothing to worry about, as it happens with other brands, too.

Perfect fit around legs; elastic mark is from prior nappy.

My only downside to this nappy would be the bulkiness when adding the booster (which I wouldn’t do anyway, unless wanting to try it out as a night nappy). The addition of the booster gave us slight gape at the elastics and made it bulkier.

The side snapping component could also be a negative, although it offers a great fit and you don’t need to adjust the rise snaps, it can also be slightly more fiddly to fasten on a smaller bub – especially when they’re learning to roll! Its not an issue for me at all, but it could potentially prove a little more difficult for someone who isn’t your child’s main care giver when compared to a velcro or front fastening style nappy. 


We found this nappy to be very reliable with its absorbency and containment. We change nappies before each feed and also ‘as needed’ – usually 2-3 hourly if no #2’s happen. Mercer is an average/heavy wetter and has been exclusively breastfed up until a couple of days ago and even with a couple of runny pooplosions thrown at this nappy, (one while he was in his Jumperoo), it didn’t leak.

I also baby wear while out and about and Mercer will happily play in his Jumperoo for 20min at a time while I cook dinner etc, I haven’t experienced any compression leaks which is great as a couple of my other brands have leaked wetness through to his onesie.

I didn’t use the extra booster that comes with this nappy as it wasn’t needed, the 2 layer trifold was plenty of absorbency and the quality is great – its very thick compared to some other brands I own. The 3 layer booster could certainly be helpful as he grows, for nap time or long car rides, etc.

If you’re willing to look past the slightly longer drying time (due to the super absorbent, thick bamboo) then I think you’ll be really pleased. For me drying time wasn’t an issue as we’ve got a great solar system which enables me to use the dryer guilt free & virtually power bill free!


Final Impressions

We really enjoy having a Bubblebubs Hard Candy in our stash again. Not only does it fit well, offer ultimate reliability and containment, but the prints & colours they have now are adorable as well!

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