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Five ways you’re doing it WRONG!

Because no one can seem to get it right anymore.

  1. MCNs vs. Disposables
    The first and most obvious way you’re doing it wrong is that you’re using modern cloth nappies. Didn’t anyone tell you how much work they’d be? The LAUNDRY! And how can they possibly get clean? Oh, you’re not using them? Why not? They’re so much better for the environment, and your wallet! You should even use them when you travel internationally, or your kid has an infection, or you end up in hospital. Those are just excuses!
  2. Liners
    Oh, you are using MCNs? Great! Wait, did you say you’re not using liners? How do you keep nappy cream from getting on your nappies?! Or, heavens forbid, poo! Reusable liners are the best because you can make them yourself and use them time after time. No wait, I mean disposable ones are good because you can just chuck them in the bin, much easier for daycare or grandparents.
  3. Parenting Style
    Of course, your kids don’t go to daycare because you’re an attachment parent 100% of the time. You’ve never used a stroller because you babywear and you wouldn’t think of leaving your child with someone else. Except you know how that spoils a child. They need more stimulation! Independence! You’re depriving them of the experience of being with their peers!
  4. Breastfed vs. Formula Fed
    Granted, if you left your kids with someone, you’d have to express your milk and leave milk because you’d never use formula. And certainly not a bottle, cups only for your precious angel! Although some mums can’t breastfeed or choose not to and that’s perfectly fine. Fed is best!
  5. First Foods
    And speaking of feeding, how good are purees that you make at home? You know exactly what goes in them and when they were manufactured. You’d never use those pouches you get in the supermarket. You’d never use purees at all because you advocate baby-led weaning! Kids can eat anything, you just need to learn the difference between gagging and choking!

Writing this list made ME gag! How many people in our lives try to tell us how and when and why to raise our kids? Everyone seems to have an opinion! YOU know what’s best for your family, so listen to YOUR instinct. Isn’t the goal for them to be happy and healthy and turn into decent human beings? We’re all striving for that same goal, but it’s perfectly okay to take different paths to get there.

Parent on, Brave Tigers. We’ve got your back! <3

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