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Five ways you’re doing it WRONG!

Because no one can seem to get it right anymore. MCNs vs. Disposables The first and most obvious way you’re doing it wrong is that you’re using modern cloth nappies. Didn’t anyone tell you how much work they’d be? The LAUNDRY! And how can they possibly get clean? Oh, you’re not using them? Why not? […]

There’s a new Genius in town!

Great ideas are often collaborations from groups of people to advance a field of study. Instead of limiting ourselves to just one genius, we’ve decided to celebrate many great contributors with a new fun print, Play! Play is featured in bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers and accessories. Swing into Play, our newest Genius Series print! […]

Ruth’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy

Introduction Hi! My name is Ruth and I am reviewing the use of Close Pop Ins with my 15 month old twins, Evelyn and Harriet. I have been using cloth nappies for almost 4 years now (with a brief 6 month gap between our eldest being toilet trained and our twins arriving). My stash isn’t […]

Narelle’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy

Introduction I’m Narelle, a first time mum living on the Sunshine Coast with my husband and daughter who is 10 months old. My husband does FIFO work and I work from home part time. We’ve been using cloth nappies since our daughter was 2 days old and Close Pop-ins since she was about 6-8 weeks […]

Yvette’s Review of the Close Pop-In AI2 Bamboo Nappy

Introduction My name is Yvette, I am a 30 year old first time mum and only use reusable nappies. I have a beautiful 4 and a half month old baby girl ‘Marli’ and a wonderful husband Josh. I had a couple of friends who were using reusable nappies which got me into them and I […]