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Alana’s Review of the Bubblebubs Hard Candies AI2 Bamboo Nappy


Hi my name is Alana and I’m a mum to a very active 14 month old girl Alex Raven. I have been using cloth on Alex since day one. I also worked part time in a cloth nappy shop for almost 2 years. I’m a ballet teacher and work a split shift Monday through Friday and all day Saturday. My husband is a surf club coach who is also on split shifts. With limited time, efficiency is key, so with my cloth system that I’ve developed through trial and error, I’m able to get everything done in minimum time.

First Impressions

The Raspberry is a stunning red colour. The tri fold fabric and booster is nice and soft and I know that the layers are super absorbent which is great. Press studs on the outside are also good especially with a very active toddler as they stay done up and don’t rub. The fit around the tummy is good, you do have to make sure all the folds of the liners and boosters are in right otherwise you get a gap which leaks. The fit around the thighs is great.


Very absorbent nappy, I do like the trifold insert with a booster, as my daughter is a big wetter. But in saying that, it is quite bulky under clothes. I change Alex every 1.5 to 2 hours and I find that in that time the nappy is always quite heavy.

I don’t like that it does up with the front of the nappy over the top of the back. This causes issues with an active bub who doesn’t lay still for long. It’s difficult to get any traction to get it done up and it’s also hard to get all the inserts to sit nice and flat with bub moving around.

The snaps on the trifold also aren’t attached in the middle, which I find strange. The studs are on one side. After a few washes the insert likes to roll rather than fold.


Final Impressions

A cute absorbent nappy that doesn’t leak, even with a big wetter. It didn’t leak and the inserts are super absorbent as the trifold and the booster work together, which is great.

Not the best user friendly nappy. A few pieces to find put together after washing and extra time taken to construct. (Every minute counts these days!)

I wouldn’t recommend this style of happy to a ‘new to cloth’ mum as it does require a bit of time after washing to get the bits back together and folded, and it is quite awkward to get done up.

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